29 Jun 2012

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Staircase House- Stockport

 My Mum and I were bored one rainy Friday afternoon so we decided to visit 'old Stockport'. I've been to Stockport before with my dad of an evening trying to find some food... but it was terrible, run down and pretty empty and so took it straight off my 'nice places in Manchester' list- along with Levenshulme, Gorton etc.

But after doing the 'Great Vintage Tea Party' over the Jubilee weekend I realised there was totally different side of Stockport that is simply wonderful, creative, {it has a masssssive vintage scene} rather beautiful and historic. It reminds me of those posh towns in and around Hampshire or  Windsor. 

We wandered around the Victorian Market {which was a bit rubbish if Im brutally honest} Up and down the cobbled streets and ended up in a rather 'normal' tea shop. Mary needs to get here quick before the place dies a slow and painful death. This Tea shop was slightly different to what we where expecting and that difference ....it was connected {by a corridor with a door and a window at the end} to  'The Staircase House' Stockport's oldest house. I peered through the window and to might utter surprise I saw an ancient wall, dating back to the 15 century!

After our tea n' soup we ventured in...paid £10.50 {I think it was about £2 for a single ticket} for our museum pass {It was £4.45 for a single ticket} that lasts a year and  gains us entry to this attraction and other places in Manchester including a WW2 bunker and a English Heritage property...can't wait to visit those!

basically the Staircase house is a very old house that has been refurbished and restored so that it starts in the 15century, with the buttery and old kitchen and as you venture up the stairs it takes you through every century, right the way up to the 1940's.

 The house became derelict from the 1940's to 2000 so the majority of the walls, floors and other stuff has been perfectly preserved.  In 1992 some twat set fire to it so part of the actual staircase, wood paneling and flooring has been burned but the museum have also kept this on view so you see the blackened, damaged charring of the wood. It brings it all back that this house can last nearly 600 years on its own but some oik from the 20 century comes along an fucks it up. It makes me so mad!

Most national trust properties in the UK are set within one particular era,  usually Jacobean, Georgian or Gothic Victorian but this house shows you how the house was used in loads of different eras and I think that's why I loved it so much.  

1605 - 1730

seventeenth century four poster bed

a two hundred year old table in the eighteenth century dining room


The embroidered Pillows and bedding were simply wonderful and were made by The Staircase Stichers A group of local volunteers who are guided by Jane Dew from the Royal Shakespeare Company who use historic references and traditional techniques to create embroidered displays.

I do hope, if you're ever around, that you visit this wonderful place.

18 Jun 2012

Yeah I know, pugs are sooo last year and the year before... but.....

bulldog table lamp from http://next.co.uk
Ever since Lance and I saw the dressed up Pugs at 'The great vintage tea party' I've not only fallen in love with my Pugs and but I've spotted them everywhere

Being a lazy Cat person the whole of my life I used to groan when anyone photographed/talked about/drew/turned up with their dogs but now I realise that are just a big version of a cat with the added benefit of being able to dress them up ...right?

I jest but feast you eyes on these beauties below

french pug from http://debenhams.com


I also wanted to draw you attention to some wonderful animal related art works. I think this may well be a new theme in the future of my work.
Charlotte trounce

hetty and dave

rob ryan

rob ryan
rob ryan

a selections of my ma's piggy banks

I made this!

 I forgot to tell you that I made a really bad virgin Mary statue. The head is hanging off and the mold broke in two trying to get it out. I shall eventually come back to you with a beautifully decorated statue.

 p.s Out of the many dozens of the Peas I sowed back in March I finally have A pod!!!

I am the happiest gardener in the Britain, except for that gardening woman from 'The One Show' - she's always really happy.