29 May 2012

As many of you know, I'm currently living, temporarily, with the rents in mid wales... the middle of know where while me and the boy search high and low for a permanent place to live in Manchester... I don't want to jinx it too much but I hope by Xmas  this will happen... well it bloody better happen.

Its hard living away from my husband, so I fill my time with emilythepemily stuff and have adopted some seeds and a piece of the vast welsh countryside. I must say I was hoping this would be a past time, but its taking over my LIFE!

You have to plant them, keep them warm and water them, dig a patch, plant them, keep them warm and water them. give them a support, tie them to sticks- kill slugs, greenfly and other crap like that. Then  you have to water them every night... My mum calls them my children...Im not so sure I love them enough yet. I did talk about vegetables in my sleep last week- I was staying at my mother in laws in London- leaving my veg behind and shouted, in my sleep, about potatoes. My hubster couldn't quite make what I wanted to say and proceeded to  try and have a full blow conversation with me. He didn't make much sense out of me and took great joy in teasing me about it in the morning. I'm turning into a country bumpkin
I do love getting organic food from a few seeds. Its way cheaper than buying veg in the shop, and way more fun than shopping itself- especially when the nearest shop is 8 miles away.

Im currently growing:
Broad beans
runner beans
Brussel sprouts
various fruit bushes (not doing to well)

My Broad Beans have started to flower, which means they're one step away from the pods.  that is the closest I've got to a vegetable so far...

Believe me there will be much more about this later.

Fabulous emilythepemily followers!

I love it when i get a photo of my hand printed goodies on people... and since my sale I've had a bit of an influx or newly satisfied customers. Here are my latest few. ..

Little Things i Make
 These are all so great! Please please please send me some of you emilythepemily photos, if you don't want me to blog them to the world I wont, but its so cool to see my hard work pay off and looking so great on you people. It gives me a real buzz and makes me feel like its all worth it when I want to give up. The craziest 'spotted' was when I lived above a load of shops in Brighton and I was hanging my head out of the window- as you do- and I saw a guy wearing my rare mustard Amor t-shirt. I nearly fell out of the window in shock and hysteria!

Lately I've lost my confidence a bit, I dropped out of the creative scene, left the lights of Brighton and London behind and moved to the countryside.  Ive hardly blogged, tweeted or even read other people blogs. (mainly because the welsh house has only just - this month- got the internet for the first time. A must for an online business)   I've missed all the latest exhibitions, trade shows and markets. My peers are now so far ahead I can never catch up. I feel like Ive held back to recuperate from my terrible 2011 finale but in the process I've been left behind. I need to push things forways and stay motivated. My wholesalers are going out of business, but my loyal customers are still coming back and Im so thankful to them for buying hand made, supporting independent designers and keeping my tiny business going. Im thinking of become a freelance illustrator, but I have no idea where to start.

Im experimenting with loads of different things at the moment, but I'm going to get some advice and get things moving again, ready for when Im back in the thick of it- living in Manchester full time.

In the mean time Im so inspired by these people- not sure why. I think I'm love colour again...

pics 1-3 www.rose-blake.co.uk/


yes, thats right, that is KATE MOSS. a very very young kate moss

Later dudes, more I promise!

p.s i had my hair cut to make me feel more confident- it was shite- I  reshaped it myself- I now look a bit like a boy. Not sure what to do. I will show you all when I look less like a boy

later x

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