30 Jan 2012

bits and pieces from around the web today

Well. I went tp the marvelous Hockney exhibition at the RA in London. It was magical and I thoroughly recommend it! The queues were terrible...book in advance...and never go on a Saturday- or at the exact time your ticket starts. The way that the RA has set out the entrance/exit and gift shop was absurd.  It was like this

My advice is go in the evening, go on a weekday and if your ticket says for example 4pm- enter at 4.30pm. Apart from the badly run RA the exhibition was just brilliant. His Ipad drawings where the most mesmerising pieces of work I had ever seen. You couldn't see a pixel in sight. You must go!

 So back to reality. I was originally supposed to go to Wales this week to get my emilythepemily stock from my parents house. (it was kept there over Xmas) The snow, of all things, has prevented me, the snow and a broken windscreen wiper for the welsh car. In wales you need windscreen wipers! I drove home through the valleys in the dark and the rain and the windscreen wipers decided to ping off. It was like someone had smeared Vaseline over my eyes. It was not fun.
Bored out of my brain I have perused the 'tinternet and come across these lovely pieces.

aren't these hand painted plates and cups beautiful.

I came across a little London based company called Ditto Press, the first company in the UK to specialise in Risograph printing. The blog is full of their recent commissions and is inspirational to say the least. 

here are my favorite pieces.

maya rochat via ditto press

maya rochat via ditto press

maya rochat via ditto press

Sophie Alda via ditto press

sophie alda via ditto press


sophie alda via ditto press
serge denimes via ditto press
peter ainsworth via ditto press

Whilst looking through the Ditto Press website, I came across this amazing illustrator Stevie Gee

This last one was a collaboration between Tom Vek and his most fav illustrators.


Then, after getting an email about some Vintage festival Wayne is holding in my old 'home town' of Northampton, and trailing through all the information about how Northampton is 2 hours away from 80% of the country...
(And despite this fact, Northamptonshire county council have sat on their bums and done absolutly nothing in the 21 years or so I've know the place existed, about the terrible transport links in and around the super large town. The upgrading or poor areas and have allowed the once thriving independent music and art venues to decline into an array of empty buildings in prime locations. )
I came across the new (now a few months old) Olympics posters designed by some great people. 

Here are my favorite ones of these.    
Tracy Emin
Anthea Hamilton

Chris Ofili

Martin Creed

Rachel Whiteread

Ummm... what else.

Did I mention my sale? What about my new T-shirt shape at a very special £15.00 trial price tag? 

All come in women's  S, M, L and you can find them here http://emilythepemily.bigcartel.com/category/women

Pearly Queen- Women- £15.00

Under the Influence- women- £15.00

Welkom- Women- £15.00

Of course I am having my BIG end of line sale. I can't quite believe I am selling these handprinted T-shirts from just £10!  

I also have added a few colours to my Digital prints. For £9.00 you can get a lovely digital print or Charles or Deidre. All my digital prints are printed on  225g 100% cotton Somerset Enhance artists paper and are also signed by me as well.  They all measure 210mmx297mm and look great framed. I shall take some in situ photos to prove it....later. 

£9.00 click here
Do take a look at my site to find lovely hand printed items ready for birthdays, valentines day or a special pay day treats for yourself. 

over and out xxxx

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