24 May 2011

The Assembly Rooms #2

This weekend just gone I attended the 2nd ever Assembly Rooms in Brighton. http://www.theassemblyroombrighton.co.uk/
 A place to discover The best Creative talent Brighton has to offer...even if I do say so myself!

Margin friends, Ridley & Dowse organise the get together and it's always really well curated and bursting with people. This time it was extra special because it was part of the Brighton Fringe Festival, and outside was a graffiti artist spraying cling film and a fire breathing dragon that breathed fire dangerously close to small children's hairlines!... ahhhh

By the way....if you come to one of my market stalls there are Major discount to be had so its worth popping along!

Here are a few snaps of the day and a few of my fave neighbours on the day! oh, and it was a chance for me to sell my failed 'Best Of British' Liberty London designs. Which went down really well with the unsuspecting Brightonians. I shall tell you about Liberty's soon. I promise. This week, well in about 10 mins, Im jetting off to Cornwall-via london- for another funeral for my my husbands family. I wont be around until Sunday!

 The faire was in the Unitarian Church opp the Dome. Its gorgeous and almost made me want to be a bit religious...for 2 days, but then I realised that Unitarianism believes that God is one person and is separate from Jesus... so they believe Jesus was just a normal Bloke.This means their would be no such this as a Jesus Icon, Jesus Christ would not be blasphemous, Their wouldn't be any Virgin Mary's (...the drink included) or folk art, or Mexican folk art... or anything quite as lovely as a ornate virgin mary statue. (imagine Baz Lurmans Romeo and Juliet without a Mary Statue!!!). so I rejected Unitarianism. Thanks for the digs though!

Susannah from Ridley & Dowse made these GORGEOUS flowers from paper. she said they were really easy, im not sure she's telling the truth...she does make jewellery for a living after all!

and this is the AMAZING Cardigan ... the visions of Kate Jenkins. She is a very established artist and I first spotted her stuff with Modern Toss in a pop up shop on Brighton's sea front. Basically she Crochets and knits the most amazing things inspired by everyday objects in a very humorous way. Like a packet of cigs called woolborgh and pork pies with crochet pigs spilling out. I urge you to click on my cardigan link and take a look. its inspired! and she's lovely too and kept wanting to buy up my entire collection of AMOR moustache based goods!

Another cool cat is Elizer Friker. A fellow UAL graduate she draws these really cute pictures, prints ZINES! and screen prints bags and ts. not only that but she's got a funny stall that has a peep hole that she pokes her head out of ! you should definatly come to a show just to see that! I swapped a t-shirt for the cat collage below! well worth it...not only is it really cute, but it covers up my husband crap DVD selection! 'Old School', 'meet the fockers' 'Ransom' eerrkk. we are doing another Stall at MADE Fair in Tunbridge Wells on Sunday

and last but not least is this amazing jewellery maker..Alexa De Castilho
If I had a million pounds I'd buy each piece. She hand casts it in Gold and Silver and Bronze and other stuff.... Im so excited by it. She had never sold this collection anywhere else before The Assembly Rooms. I expect big things from this lady shape! Her website is pretty funky too.

Their were loads more but I got so busy I couldn't take any more photo's. check out http://www.theassemblyroombrighton.co.uk/ and click on some more!

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