7 Apr 2011

pick me up at sommerset house

On the 19th March 2011 the most amazing graphic art fair happened.
Pick me up at Somerset house. Even the boy (who still doesn't fully understand exactly what I do for a living-he's a corporate slave) said it was 'really good'  
it was the best £7 I've spent in along time...except for that brown primark satchel i need surgically removing form my shoulder

Pick me up is a celebration of the graphics arts. Anthony Burrill was this years Artists in residence. and 'pick me up' also selected 24 rising stars to showcase and sell their work. 

these were:
...phew, all hand written. no cut and paste...

now heres a great game to play... click on the link and see which artist matches the photo ... i've filled in a few for you already...

camberwell,cadburys and barclays ad kate moross
 the amazing line work of McBess

brighton based  Zara Wood. The background of this image is SILVER- i donot do it justice. Ms Wood also did 'the assembly rooms'

clara terne

 takeru toyokura's fuzzy felt...YES FUZZY FELT piccys! so beautiful

Paul Blow...really cool

 love this pattern
 mark long the boy loved his football related satirical illustratinons

 CASPAR WILLIAMSON*** a friend from Camberwell and a print club london go-er... now he owns flying machines and has written a bloody book. Hold your horses Caspar...gis' the rest of us nobodys a chance. heres a little bit about the showoff...

'Flyingmachines is a freelance design / illustration and art direction company based in London, started by Caspar Williamson in 2007.

Recent projects have included packaging and merchandise for independent and major record labels such as Universal Records, Columbia, Rough Trade, Bella Union and Warmest Chord, as well as clients such as the British Council, Topman and Jaguar.'

p.s im a bit anti-print club london. They make printing mainstream and 'shorditch'- (yuk) cool-anyone who's been doing it for  years is a little miffed. i.e me. and they charge a FORTUNE! dont go!

their where also some collectives there too.
Nobrow -set up in the winter of 2008 to provide an independent publishing platform for illustration and the graphic arts that would showcase some of the best talent out there today, whether fresh out of college or from the ranks of well seasoned veterans.

Them Lot started life as a large group of mainly visual artists who came together to form a network that would help each artist develop through discussion and support.

Puck is an illustration collective made up of illustrators working across the UK.
The illustrators work on a mixture of personal and collaborative projects for both independent and commercial briefs.

jager shoes collective are a collective of creatively motivated businesses and individuals working in art, film, fashion, music, publishing and design. We provide many platforms for creative talent; from exhibitions and events, to collaborative products and retail opportunities.
Ditto Press is a print-publishing company based in London.

my fave Nous Vous is a group of artists & friends collaborating on design projects, illustration, exhibitions and workshops. 

It's nice that- a great blog and publication, who, during pick me up commissioned artist to  create a series of drawings in under 30 mins selling for £35 each

the design collective Evening Tweed 

Concrete Hermit- An Eclectic Cocktail of Art, Graphics and Illustration who prints stuff onto t's.

Basically, If I've learned anything its that my stuff IS cool, im not fighting a losing battle getting my HAND PRINTED wear out and about. I love designing and printing and creating and I a little bit proud that Ive walked away saying 'I must carry on what i'm doing' rather that the usual ' i really should get around to printing again'

It was a wicked show and you must go next year!

after me and the boy went and looked for gutars around denmark street then for luch at Ed's in soho...i know i know....so touristy, but we live in brighton now so really we are tourists. plus I LOVE AMERICAN DINNERS! we also did a bit of royal wedding memrobilla reasearch and the....

BORIS BIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!amazing fun and well worth the free -ness, if using them for 30 min or less.
we rode from leicester square, up to buckingham palace and then onto victoria and got the train home...but not beofre some publisity show of the two of us! great fun

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