29 Apr 2011


The moment I've been waiting for for sooo long now. I attached flags and bunting to my windows on thursday night and headed up to london with a begrudging hubby early saturday morning. 

I sat in a wonderful pub in Victoria (after trawling up to St James park...and back again because it was rammed and their where no big screens to look at!!!!) surrounded by bunting and booze we watched the whole thing...meanwhile outside the pub, while the service was going on the whole procession went past ....with ALL the coaches and horses and armour. preparing for the couple to come out and head to Bucky P.

then slightly sozzled we headed to McDonald's to soak up the booze... we ran out in time for the balcony Kiss, but could find a screen again. (victoria stations screen was off) we ended up standing outside a pub peering through the window with about 25 other stranglers..which was just as atmospheric. 

Then. we realised we had the perfect view of the back of Bucky P for the planes that go overhead. and just as we thought of the idea a HUGE, very low spitfire flew over our heads...it was super dooper! 

We were so happy we sat and had some very expensive Pimms 2 for £10 outside a bar looking at the back of Buckingham Palace...smiling. such a great day!

we got back to Brighton literally seconds before the couple came out in their Aston Martin. what a laugh and a reminder that they are actually the same age as me and my spouse. 

the atmosphere was like when England play in the world cup, but we all new the outcome would be good. I loved the flags and the sing-a-longs and the gold gilding and the traditions and everything. 

hurry up and get married harry!

 So this wedding got me thinking about other famous weddings...and how fucking cool they can be!! i.e Elvis and Priscilla Presley. How beautiful do they look!
 Kurt and Courtney Cobain in Hawaii...Kurt in his PJ's. They are just too cool for school! (I need to go back to bleach blond!)

 Oh, and who's this attractive couple???.... Who are yet to have a honeymoon! (please note the T.C.B lightning bolt necklace in reference to Elvis and the grey dress...by absolute sheer coincidence!...in reference to Courtney Love.
 Liza Minelli
 sex in the city
Brad and Jen
 Catherine Deneuve and David Bailey
 Yoko Ono and John Lennon
Jackie O and JFK

here's a round up of some super cool...iconic merchandise to snap up....some of which I have!
 French Sole Shoes
 Marks and sparks Biccys
and apparently this cake was cut up into 1000 pieces and presented to guests in a TIN!!!! I really really really really want one of those tins..

I  wish every wedding did a memento like that! I'd be happy with a cousin Sam's wedding umbrella memento or a Jim and Steff Tea Towel!

To brilliant wedding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding dings

12 Apr 2011

Back to the future

Irina Werning asked friends and family to re-enact old photos of themselves for an ongoing project


James Reynolds-Last Suppers

Last Suppers is a series of photographs documenting former Death Row prisoners' requests for their last meal before execution by James Reynolds


I find this series fascinating. I have no idea what my last supper would be. A bk wopper meal? spag bol? a packet of cigarettes and a box of matches?

11 Apr 2011

I know this is bloody AWFUL but...

that Sweeney blokes drawings are quite good. I am in no way condoning anything he has done...maybe if he went to art college he wouldn't have been a serial killer (or maybe it would have made him worse) 

another, equally as awful things I stumbled across was this CrAZy (but really rather cool) photo-booth where you can have your face superimposed onto Kate Middleton in the official royal engagement photo. ??? 

I'm totally going back and having it done!
(NB you can't pretend to marry Kate, just wills)

 and finally....what a slow news day.......

....that totally enriched my life!

what a weird world and all that x

New Studio

As many of you may be aware I moved to Brighton about 6 months ago now... wowzers.

I was a little apprehensive as I had roots in London where I new how, what when where to go to get screens exposed etc..however...all my fears have withered away since I found...

Ink Spot Press
Module B1,Enterprise Point
Melbourne St
Telephone : 01273 691 496

Its a newly renovated studio available to anyone who wishes to explore the world of print. including letterpress, screen printing and relief printing. They have loads of courses available but they where kind enough to let me be an associate member without needing to complete a course.  

so every couple of weeks (after pissing off...long story... an external screen printer in Brighton who I was going to use to outsource my printing so I could focus on regular new stuff) I go in an expose screens for really cheap!

I'm so glad I found this wonderful little community and I look forward to doing some PAPER printing (something I can do, but it takes so much more precision and effort!) 

 but here is a little sneaky peak to a little SECRET project I have been working on to do with a Lovely London Shop....which I really don't think anything will come of it.

If it does then great!
If it doesn't then great because I can then reveal all and sell my favourite designs I've ever created!

peace out and all that xx

7 Apr 2011


finally, after about a year, I have new stuff! each t-shirt is once again Hand=printed by me in Brighton!

I've found the most amazing printing studio here in Brightona so my collections should get more and more frequent!
Do visit my website www.emilythepemily.co.uk and get it for a bargain £25 before any shop has it!




If you are interested in buying these t-shirts wholesale please contact me on emilythepemily@hotmail.com

oh...and please note that ALL of my designs are Copyright © Emily Boyd 2010-2011. All rights reserved.