22 Jan 2011

Shes called Claire and Brighton Fashion Week

A couple of weeks ago I got contacted out of the blue by this wonderfully creative lady Claire asking to me for a cup of tea and a chat about my work. Of course I accepted because tea and talking are the best inventions EVER!

We met at such a cool, tiny tea shop that I'd never even been to (embarrassingly it was literally around the corner, and I was late too) and we talked about me (which I hate) and then about her really interesting blog. The thing I like about claire is that she loves tea (and want to set up a tea shop...just like me) , she's a great flatterer (complements on my creations a plenty) and she was wonderfully tall. I know that sounds odd, but its so rare to find another tall lady in the world!  Im 5ft 10 and all my friend are of a 'normal' hight meaning I have to bend down to hear them. (maybe this is a slight exaggeration, but you get the jist! )

The thing that makes her stand out from the crowd, apart from being a novelist, a writer for Brighton Fashion Week, a photographer, professional tea drinker and cake baker extraordinaire, but she is also the  famous face of the brilliant http://shescalledclaire.blogspot.com where she's set herself  the challenge of wearing something vintage everyday for a whole year and showing the world the results. Genius! Why didn't I think of that? 

This is the interview...Please don't let my face put you off!

BFW meets Emily the Pemily

This week Claire from Brighton Fashion Week met up with local t-shirt designer Emily the Pemily in the cutest of tea shops to discuss the cutest of t-shirt designs. Sometimes fashion can get a bit too serious for my liking so I was absolutely delighted when I stumbled across this designer. We spend so much time trying to be 'on trend' or 'fashion forward' that we forget to just have a bit of fun with our outfits. Why can't we just take all our favourite things and add them to our clothes? For instance my outfits would be dripping with cups of tea, biscuits, a splash of the Royal Family and a shed load of floral prints. Luckily for me this Brighton designer encapsulates most of those things and many more.
“We spend so much time trying to be 'on trend' or 'fashion forward' that we forget to just have a bit of fun with our outfits”
(Meet Emily from Emily the Pemily)
CC:  Why the name Emily the Pemily?
EP: It was a nickname my Dad gave me when I was little and it just stuck.
CC: What's the inspiration behind your designs?
EP: The Royal family, Drinking tea. Britishness
CC: Favourite artist/illustrator?
EP: David Hockney's life drawings are beautiful. Andy Warhol's ink drawings. Yes they may be chiche but I love them.
CC: Favourite Brighton Haunt?
EP : Boy Parker, a shop in the Laines who have just taken on my designs are a bit fabulous. Boxbird Gallery in Hove is also a particular favourite of mine.
CC: What gives Emily the Pemily the edge on other designers?
EP: One things I've learnt from interning at big fashion houses over the years is that their designs really lose that personal touch the bigger the company gets. That's why I make sure I hand print and hand wrap each design I make myself. I want to make sure they get to people in perfect condition and I will strive to continue to do this going forward. I think that's really important.
 ('AMOR Moustache')
CC: Style Icon?
EP: Alexa Chung. I'd love to be her for a day.
CC: How would you describe your style?
EP: My style totally depends on the day. Its pretty rock n roll. One day I could be in a band t-shirt and the next day I could be in a vintage dress.
CC: Who are your Stockists? 
EP: Rokii in EP - Portsmouth, 5 Lock Clothing stores across the country, Boy Parker in Brighton, Forty Five in Plymouth and online on Etsy, Folksy and my own website.
CC: What would you be lost without?
EP: A pen and the Internet.
('Dieu et Mon Droit')
CC: Favourite piece in your wardrobe?
EP: Some gold and black brogues I bought from a shop in Brick Lane for £12. I love them so much.
CC: What makes you smile?
EP: My husband or Peter Sellers. He's pretty funny. I also find people having their chair pulled away from them very funny. Wrong, yes. But very funny.
CC: What's your favourite design?
EP: It has to be the t-shirt with a woman drinking tea. I call her Deirdre.
CC: What's next for Emily the Pemily?
EP: Launch into high street shops, design a new t-shirt shape and expand into upholstery.
CC: If you could have any celeb wear your designs who would it be and why?
EP: Alexa Chung and Kate Moss. For obvious reasons.
CC: If you were a piece of clothing what would you be and why?
EP: Pure and simply, a nice frock.
You can find out more about Emily the Pemily and her cracking designs here:www.emilythepemily.co.uk

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Here is the 'she's Called Claire' Feature...

Day 103. Emily the Pemily.

Todays outfit is a cracking one. I'm wearing a t-shirt made by the marvellous Emily the Pemily. I met up with Emily last week for a cuppa and a catch up and you can read the full article on the Brighton Fashion Week website here:


As the sun has finally decided to get its hat on today, I've teamed the tee with a vintage bright green pleated skirt, grey tights and stupidly high stack heels that if I'm honest I struggle to walk in and make me resemble the BFG somewhat. They sure look pretty though...

Anyway, I urge you to look at her lovely creative enterprise that is her blog. So many wonderful clothes, So many great ideas. She should be a stylist if you ask me.


***oh and to thank Claire for the coverage I gave her some stuff and then she went and blogged about it. So now to thank Claire AGAIN this appeal is for her...

#Claire also wants to get on This Morning to talk about her interesting blog so if there is anyone out there who knows anyone who works on this morning...let us know (Let 'US' know because I of course would like to have a feature about me too...

 Ideas for ITV.... 'The Mutual Tweet Appreciation' or 'When Tweeters Meeters' - FOLLOWERS.... any more ideas would be great. 

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