26 May 2009


well basically on the 1st may i turned up at uni after Easter and had a massive panic attack.... we didn't have very long left and i had no idea how to create a show from nothing, so that Friday night i went home and doodled like never before.

I thought about what i wanted to show. Mugs, T-shirts, Bags, Purses, Fabric... i thought about what was realistic and how long i had before i ran out of time!!! plus my original concept was to design and make everything in my studio flat... so it had to have elements of hand made, crafty feel. so i had to make embroidery hoop screens... try and test this... and have time to do some proper ones if the home-made ones go wrong. (you can see why i was in a panic now)

if i was to do decals-
i had to design them and send them off...
wait 10 days,
receive them,
put them on my mugs
and fire them.
total time 20 days.... i had 29 days so that had to be done asap (plus i had to buy the mugs etc too)

printing tshirts-
design 1 week
put them on screens 1 week
print, print, print
total time 4 weeks this had to be done asap (plus i had to buy the t-shirts too)

get them off eBay 1 week
print them using the tshirt screens 2 weeks
total time 3 weeks this had to be done asap

design 1 week
buy fabric 1-2 weeks
print 2 weeks
do something with them 1 week
total time 6 weeks hhhmmmmm

buy clasps
borrow sewing machine???
how can i do this

basically i just had to decided what to do and do it quick.

after making loads of sample t-shirts in previous weeks i learned a lot.
1. the quality of the tshirts had to be good enough to sell (no primark)
2. i need to be restricted by colour and image (or I'll go crazy with one design and run out of time to do more.
3. I had to restrict my self to 1 man version, 1 woman version, 1 bag all with one design to keep it concise and consistant

so i started to design...

I thought the colours baby pink, baby blue and grey we're trendy, fun and illustrative. restrictive enough for me not to go crazy with ideas but enough for a bit of variation withing the designs.

I decided also to have the images and colour as a long running theme throughout my work... the same colours and designs for the mugs, bags and tshirts. keep it simple.

I love how all these mugs look together, i started to get really excited about it. They look really fun.

Since I was working full time and in my house we we're having new windows put in (through no choice of mu own) i had to be out of the house every morning at 9.15 and do stuff then go to work and come home to a dusty, packed up in cardboard boxes house at 23.00 each day for 1 and a half weeks I had to be ULTRA organised.... lists were my life.... at work, on the train everywhere i wrote lists.

Using my Tear/Cloud/Lightning designs from my previous set of T-shirts and my recent designs inspired by Folk art I sent off my decals to Heraldic Pottery on a Friday and they said they would be with me by Tuesday!!!!

The people at Heraldic Pottery were so lovely and helpful, quick ,easy and a pleasure to work with!

I was so organised that in one week I had 25 t-shirts from UNI QLO £4.99 each, 15 mugs, 20 bags and 12 A3 pages of decals.
I ordered the mugs from Muji £1.98 each . they have flat edges (easy for decals) and they are plan and white. i love them

I wanted to make home made screens using embroidery hoops £2.29 from John Lewis and so £5 a metre mesh type nylon fabric with a tight thread from John Lewis too. But I found out, after I bought everything, that Screen Colour Systems that loads of students had brought proper (non home-made) screens for £60 (which I was trying to avoid paying) also do mesh for screens at £5.00 per metre....and you can choose the thread... bugger!!!!

and i started to think about how my show was going to look. I really wanted to do some digital wallpaper for the background of my piece to really tie it all together but i was quoted

£20 per metre + £19 p+p

if i wanted 2 different designs and 2 metres of each it would have been £99 which was too much and for now is not worth it... but it would have been so lovely. and i didn't have time to print some myself... I have know idea how to measure it all up so that you print every other pattern repeat and then fill it in when its dry....

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